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"We are basically chasing stories all over the place. If you must know, like in case you need to send us mail or drop by for coffee, we are based in Beirut".

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Production Manger
Ibrahim Shehab


Creating, managing and organizing productions is one of the most challenging jobs in any creative agency! But not when you have The Bob, AKA IBRAHIM SHEHAB. A perfect addition to any project, Bob's multi-tasking abilities and hard working nature allows him to handle all of the above precisely and within the blink of an eye!

Rania Itani


Couldn't be more care-less, yet not careless, Rania Itani is passionate about story telling, human experiences and comedy!

Ahmad Moftah


Energy shortage is very common in the Middle East, but Ahmad's energy could light up a whole city. A hard worker and a creative, self taught DOP, Ahmad is always coming up with original ideas. Unable to shake his love for adrenaline, he is spending his days and nights flying the drone and rolling his cameras to tell the story.

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